Urban Street Development

The Urban Street Development division builds the right-of-ways and side roads that need to be in place before commercial construction can begin, as well as sidewalks, curbs, flatwork and retaining walls.

Pavecon Public Works can handle every aspect of your job—from earthwork, drainage and electrical work, to paving, striping, landscaping and traffic signals. We accomplish this for you by managing a seamless mix of our own services combined with those delivered through our trusted network of subcontractors.

Whether you need a simple chip-seal access road or a fully finished asphalt drive with sidewalks, curbs, drainage and lighting, Pavecon Public Works has the team and equipment to get in, get out and get the job done—including a slip-form paver for subdivisions and roads more than eight inches thick.

No matter how many crews your project requires, Pavecon will select and manage each one for you, so you don’t have to. The only number you will need to call is ours.

Solid Paving. Smooth Process. It’s Just A Click Away.
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